Hello Fab World!

It's hard to believe that only two months have passed since FAB12, the Annual Meeting of the International Fab Lab Network! So much happens in the network in a day, a week, a month. This year Fab12 in Shenzhen brought new ideas, machines, and processes to the Fab Lab community and expanded our collective knowledge to creatively meet the future of digital fabrication.

There are too many people to thank individually for their hard work and dedication in bringing Fab12 to life. Organizing teams from Cambridge, Shenzhen and Barcelona could not have done it alone, and many people from all over the world played an critical role in making Fab12 a success. A special thanks must go out to our Sponsors especially the City of Shenzhen, Roland, Chevron, Google, Solidworks, 3NOD, Forest Scientific, Epilog, FormLabs, Trotec, Legend, Universal Laser, GCC LaserPro, Sindoh, 3DPrintLife and ShopBot. Our deepest thanks to one and all who helped make this possible!

We are already looking forward to Fab13 in Chile. Watch this space for news and opportunities to participate in the 2017 event.

With warm and sincere thanks to everyone,


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