If you were with us in August, you know that FAB13 was amazing and that Fab Lab Santiago, the Santiago Fab and FabLat communities were terrific hosts. This collage of pictures and social media posts gives some sense of the fabulous week in Santiago. We are so grateful to the Santiago team (especially Tomas, Andres, Diego, Norella, Anastasia and the fantastic, toomany- to-be-named-here, supporting fabbers) for the extraordinary production of FAB13. It was beautiful, it was from the heart, it came from the lab, and it was so meaningful and relevant. Santiago will be a hard act to follow! Thank you thank you thank you Santiago!

Emerging from the week of meetings and networking was forward momentum on active programs and collaborations: Fab Cities, Humanitarian Makers, SCOPES-df, Academany, Fab in a Box and much more! And the Symposium was terrific. With several Gershenfelds illuminating the path forward, we're on our way to scaling the social impacts of digital fabrication as we physically scale in the world. Lass' Law aspires to scale digital fabrication for a compassionate, equitable, sustainable world. Let's do it together!

And please put FAB14 on your calendars. It will be in Toulouse, France the week of July 16, 2018, with Fab City events in Paris happening in tandem, and opportunities to visit labs across France just after the conference. Stay tuned...

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