Updates to Share

Thank You!

The phase I team for the SCOPES-DF project completed their work with us on November 3rd. We want to thank the team for curating our first collection of lessons with the amazing Fab Lab Network! Sincere thanks to Danielle Martin, Matt Chalker and Melvin Laprade for their enormous contributions in curating our first round of digital fabrication lessons. A total of 29 lessons have been curated and will be distributed to the community soon.

Introducing Phase II

We are pleased to introduce the new staff hired to support the work of Phase II, which includes our school experiential leadership cohort. Please help us welcome: David Cavallo (consultant), Nettrice Gaskins (program manager), Dan Smithwick (master fabricator) and Melvin Laprade (consultant).

We are thrilled to welcome this extremely talented team!

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