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Marketing Communications Manager
The Fab Foundation is seeking an experienced Marketing Communications Manager to assist our Director, Sherry Lassiter with communicating all the great activities coming out of the Fab Lab Network. Please contact Sarah Boisvert for more information at Sarah at FabLabHub.

Operations Manager
Operations Manager for 3Dmena is responsible for identifying, assessing and developing new business opportunities, financial management, project management, monitoring and evaluation of projects, team management, developing program budgets in collaboration with the CEO and other misc. tasks.

He/she will be spearheading efforts and all operations, empowered to run projects solely and develop strategies, with responsibilities ranging from fundraising (including crowd-funding, grant applications and proposal writing), partnership development and coordination, external communications, R&D, training, procurement and logistics.

This position’s primary responsibility is to ensure organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization’s functions. Working with the management team, the position also contributes to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices. This position will also interact with the Board of Directors.

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Contact Loay Malahmeh for more information

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Job Seeking Fabbers

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Please also visit our community resource which is under development:

The community is pulling together a Webspace to share projects, provide an archive for the network and collaborate. This is connected to a new grant award in Belgium to provide a linked, searchable catalogue to published projects in the fab lab network.

For listing on Fab Share please contact: Hiro Tanaka, [email protected]

For becoming part of the “machines talking to machines” concept that interlinks repositories please contact: Peter Troxler, [email protected]


Please also visit our community resource which is under development:

This is the start of a community business platform, Fab Economy is about creating a new economy for everybody, where local fulfillment and customization take the place of mass production and global distribution. Fab Labs, along companies and organizations can all work together towards reaching this goal. This is an exchange space where companies, fab labs and individuals can potentially resources, funding, collaborations and expertise.

Please contact: Jean-Michel Molenaar, [email protected]